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In a world of challenges and opportunities, TRAINIUM

stands out in the realm of training and consultancy.It began with a dream to guide ideas toward growth and change, offering fresh concepts in its field.

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Our Story

In a world filled with challenges and opportunities, TRAINIUM found its place amidst the vast horizon of training and consultancy. Its story began with a dream to be the compass guiding ideas towards growth and change, offering a fresh concept for training and consultancy

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the enhancement of both individual and organizational performance by providing a wide range of modern training and developmental tools, thereby empowering organizations and individuals to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

Our Vision

Our vision is dedicated to consistently offering opportunities for organizations, professionals, and individuals to participate in contemporary training and development initiatives, with the ultimate objective of fostering success and fostering innovation across various domains.

Why you should choose us?

At Trainium, our professional and specialized team represents the essence of our strength, combining extensive experience and high professionalism in the fields of training and consultancy, in addition to student services. Our team boasts diversity in experiences and skills, ensuring the provision of outstanding services that accurately meet the needs of our clients with precision and effectiveness.

Commitment to Quality

At Trainium, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our services. That’s why we offer a “Quality Commitment,” allowing you to withdraw from any of our training programs after just one day, with a full refund if the desired benefit is not achieved

Continuous Renewal

Continuous renewal is key at Trainium. We’re committed to updating our programs, staying informed about industry trends, and using advanced methods to deliver high-quality services to meet our clients’ needs effectively.

Excellence in Training and Education

At Trainium, we strive for top-quality scientific curricula, developed in collaboration with reputable international institutions to meet individual needs and achieve optimal educational outcomes.

Experts in Training and Consultancy

We maintain stringent criteria when selecting trainers and consultants who serve our clients. Our team, comprised of experts and academics from around the world, brings extensive experience and exceptional proficiency in their respective fields.

Our Services

Trainium offers customized training, workshops, organizational programs, diplomas, and educational consultancy for students planning to study in Turkey, ensuring academic success
Training and Consultancy Services 94 hour
Professional Training 94 hour
Workshops 93 hour
Organizational Training 95 hour
Technical Diplomas 96 hour
University Admissions 95 hour

Our Achievements

Student Success: We’ve achieved high admission success rates at top global universities through specialized consultancy and effective application assistance.